Eutalloy 10185


Deposit Hardness: ~390 HV30

Service temperature (max): ~600C

Alloy Ni-B-Si. Eutalloy® 10185 (BronzoChrom) is a nickel-based alloy with ideal properties for the coating of steels, stainless steels, cast irons and nickel alloys. It has exceptional impact resistance, and is easy to machine with standard cutting tools. Eutalloy® 10185 is corrosion and oxidation resistant even at high temperatures. Its most outstanding characteristic however is a low coefficient of friction, which makes Eutalloy® 10185 deposits especially resistant to metal-to-metal wear.
Application designed system:
- Eutalloy® 10185 is manufactured by a process of atomisation, designed to ensure both optimum spheroidisation and controlled granulometry. This in turn ensures trouble-free fusion of the alloy, using the Eutalloy® SuperJet S torch.
- For cost-effective maintenance:
- The Eutalloy® system produces smooth and uniform quality coatings. This maintenance-engineered coating technology increases the value and reliability of parts treated, with results far superior to conventional repair processes, and savings in costs including those of machining.
- The biggest savings are due to a substantial increase in service life - in some cases many times that of new but untreated parts - and the possibility of making coated parts from less expensive base metals.


  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation.
  • Low coefficient of metal-metal friction.
  • Retains wear-resistant properties at high temperatures.
  • Easily machinable.
  • Applied by simultaneous spray/fusion-process, using Eutalloy SuperJet S torch.


Ideal for protective coatings on moulds and dies used in plastics, making shafts and journals, cams, casting dies, and for buttering layers when coating with harder Eutalloy® alloys.

SuperJet and Eutalloy Powder

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