Eutalloy 10112


Service temperature (max): ~700C

Hardness (hard phases): ~1900 HV

Hardness (matrix): ~64 HRC

Eutalloy® 10112 (TungTec) is a nickel-based alloy with a high concentration of Diamax extra hard particles for enhanced wear resistance, in particular to abrasion. 60% tungsten carbides.
These and other maintenance-engineered properties make 10112 an ideal protective coating for steels and nickel alloys.
It can be safely recommended for protection of highly-stressed machine parts or tools.
Eutalloy® 10112 is made up of two basic components: a nickel matrix and hard Diamax particles.
The Diamax particles are in this case powdered tungsten carbide, with granulometry designed for maximum abrasion resistance.
Machine parts and tools protectively coated with Eutalloy® 10112 have been shown to increase their service life several times compared to the normal life of a new part or tool.
In addition to this enormous saving in basic investment (spare parts), additional savings are sometimes possible by using cheaper base metals (coated with TungTec) for the original parts.


  • Very strong resistance to abrasion and erosion (very hard Diamax phases).
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Applied by simultaneous spray/fusion-process, using SuperJet Eutalloy S torch.


Protective coatings for conveyor screws, clay mixers, sand and grit mixers, turbine vanes, wire-drawing drums, fan blades, pump screws, etc.

SuperJet and Eutalloy Powder

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