CastoDyn DS 8000


Delivery Rate: 1 - 8 kg/h

Acetylene flow: 400 - 1800 Nl/h

Acetylene pressure: 0.7 bar

Oxygen flow: 500 - 2000 Nl/h

Oxygen pressure: 4.0 bar

Compressed air pressure: 0 - 6 bar

Advanced modular oxy-acetylene thermal spray system, designed to spray a wide range of alloys and other materials for very many different applications. Can be integrated into automated installations for mass-production applications. Thermal spray torch for coating and rebuilding a very wide variety of mechanical components. For "cold" thermal spraying of RotoTec and ProXon alloy powders without deformation or structural change of the part. For "hot" thermal spraying of Eutalloy RW alloy powders for dense, porosity-free deposits. The range of alloys provides excellent resistance to wear from metal to metal friction, corrosion, abrasion to erosion.The spraying extension neck increases the application possibilities for inside bores or on parts with complicated geometry.

CDS 8000

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