AbraTec 6715 XHD


Typical hardness as deposited: 64-66 HRC

AbraTec 6715 XHD is a multi-carbide electrode that deposits smooth weld beads and is easily handled, especially in the
fl at position. The mix of primary and secondary carbides renders deposits that are resistant to high temperature abrasion up to 1,200°F. 6715 XHD provides a single pass hardness of HRC 65. Can be used on carbon steels, low alloy steels, manganese steel castings and AR plate.


  • Maximum abrasion resistance up to 650°C
  • Very thick deposit in a single pass
  • Very little slag
  • Very high weld metal recovery (~230%)


  • Sinter fan blades
  • Clod breakers
  • Sinter screens
  • Blast furnaces cones and hoppers
  • Extruder screws
  • Asphalt mixers

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