Xuper 646 XHD


Hardness (as deposited): ~180 HV30

Hardness (after work-hardening): ~400 HV30

High metal recovery electrode. Buttering layer before wearfacing.


  • Remarkably easy to weld even in contact.
  • High work-hardening rate.
  • Resistant to hot cracking.
  • Corrosion resistant welds.
  • Thick multipass capability.
  • High metal recovery ~150% and deposition rate.
  • Self-releasing slag.
  • Smooth even beads.
  • Machinable with tungsten carbide tip tool.


Protective coatings to resist impact, compressive loads & frictional wear on carbon steels, low or high alloy steels & 14% austenitic manganese steel.
Also suitable for crack repairs & dissimilar joints between carbon steels, alloy steels, martensitic or austenitic stainless steel parts : e.g. drive sprockets, crusher rollers & jaws, track pads, bucket pins, trencher teeth, bulldozer blades etc.

Welding with Eutectrode Xuper 646 XHD

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