EnDOTec DO 02


Tensile strength Rm: ~650 MPa

Elongation A5: ~35%

Hardness (as deposited): ~170 HV30

Hardness (work-hardened): ~310 HV30

EnDOtec DO*02 is ideal for joining dissimilar martensitic or austenitic stainless steels. It can be applied either as a buttering layer or as an Eutectic TeroCote coating for protection against impact and high pressure.


  • Excellent crack resistance.
  • High resistance to metal/metal friction.
  • Good resistance to thermal cycling and oxidation, at working temperatures up to 600 C.
  • Rapid work hardening.
  • High ductility and elongation reducing local stresses.
  • Stainless and slightly magnetic.
  • Slag free, machinable deposit.

MIG-MAG Welding: Benefits EnDOtec welding wire packaging

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