TeroMatec OA 4666


Hardness: 60-65 HRC

Current polarity: DCEP (DC+)

Special, self shielded, flux cored High Chromium carbide & Niobium carbide flux cored alloy wire specifically developed for maintenance and repair welding of thick, heavy components where faster weld deposition rates over traditional coated electrodes are required. Worn or new critical parts may be cost effectively TeroCote protected either manually or fully automatically to extend their useful service life and increase productivity and profitability. High chromium carbide & Niobium carbide deposit possess excellent hot hardness. An alloy with metallurgical phase which is enriched complex carbide precipitated out in an austenitic / martensitic matrix used for wear-preventive protective coatings on low or high alloy steels and 14% manganese steels.


  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Dredging Equipment
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Sand/ Gravel
  • Coal/ Coke
  • Mixer Blades

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